Dynamic No. 250 in the sky

Dunamic NO. 250 in the sky ...We have celebrated! We handed over the aircraft WT9 Dynamic with serial number 250 on 13th of June 2008. The celebration took place at the Prievidza airfield, where is firm domicile of Aerospool. 149 people with 71 aircrafts from 10 countries sent application form. Unfortunately, weather didn’t cooperate with us. Thunderstorm, rain and wind was in all of Europe. Many came by car and many didn’t come. Aircraft from Italy, Slovenia, Austria couldn’t fly because of weather. Finally came 99 people and 40 aircrafts, with Dynamics from Prievidza it was 43 aircrafts together. They were from France, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Czech, Slovakia and one person from Italy. Most groups were from France and Germany, than Holland, Slovakia, Czech…

Friday was 13th of June – we was a little afraid, if people will come on this datum and so bad weather. Fortunately our customers are not superstitious, and all who could come, came. Aircrafts and cars was arriving all day long till evening. After dark our customers, guests, employees and many watchers have seen great show: performance of majoretten, exciting fire show, interesting speech with thanks to employees. Than test pilot of Dynamic, Mr. Jozef Chupek handed over the Dynamic No. 250 to happy new customer from France, Mr. Marc Dahlet. Friday 13th came right, beside bottle of champagne, that was not to open ?.Celebration was really merriment – many of people celebrated till late night.

First question in the Saturday morning was: do you know football results? Holland won match with France, and Netherlander were unhappy, because they got blue and not orange organisator’s T-shirts. But we were happy, that no one was angry despite of futball results. We prepared very interesting programm at Saturday. Participans could choose, if they want to fly, to relax, to see something interesting or to spend the time active. Weather was perfect, ideal for everything. Sunny, but not too hot. Flight trip round the Slovak castles was really great – 10 Slovak castles were to see, everyone was satisfied. 22 Dynamics flown in 4 groups, it was really nice-looking. Mining museum was interesting, you go down to shaft by mine locomotive into deep about 80 m under ground. Many of people chose relax in spa in Bojnice which is very nice and comfortable. Weather was ideal also for bike trip, but after long night only a few people were interested in it.

Centerpiece of celebration was at Saturday evening in Hunyady palace room of Bojnice castle. Reception was great, people could absolve night visitation of Bonice castle and see all of castle ghosts. Historical performance was funny – new owner of Dynamic No. 250 – Mr. Marc Dahlet was almost beheaded by gilotine, he saved his life by promise to fly with lord of the castle. Everyone enjoyed nice atmosphere of castle, tasty food and good wine, party finished late in night.

Sunday was day of farewell. Weather was suitable for flight. We prepared also “ballancing weight” for everyone – nice present from us and from France group. Many of participans had a long way home, so majority left the Prievidza in the morning. We were glad that all arrived safe home.

So – what should we say in the end. We are glad that so many came through severe weather. We are glad that our customers were satisfied and enjoyed weekend in Prievidza. We are glad that all arrived home safely. And we hope next time will be weather better – we will order it, and we will see in Prievidza more of our satisfied customers and more of Dynamics. Thank you for your participation and for good vibrations you brought us. We wish you many happy flying hours and as many happy landings as starts.



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ELEV 260m / 853ft
48°46'03'' N - 18°35'25'' E
2.5km SSW Prievidza
RWY: 04L/22R, 04R / 22L
INFO 122.6
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